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What to eat and how much weight to lose?


My work was closed on Good Friday and because hubby had to work, I decided to go on a long bike ride. And since you have gotten to know me a little over the last posts – when I say long, I mean long — so I went 88.6 miles and managed an average of just below 15 mph. We went down a fairly new trail that I had gone down before once (in my first century ride).

Anyway, this was not what I wanted to write about. I am down 1 pound from what the ticker says, but since my weight has been fluctuating a lot recently, I have decided to only clock in a lower weight if I see it a few days in a row. This is the first weightloss since November which has been a little upsetting but I kept telling myself that usually I would have probably gained 10 pounds over the winter months so stalling was probably the accomplishment of my surgery.

I am going over how much I want to lose, how much I should lose and how much I can safely lose without living in this diet choke hold that I am trying to escape. There are a few things that I am not sure about right now. One of the big issues is nutrition before/during/after exercise. First of all, how much do I really burn during an almost 6 hour bike ride like mentioned above. Silly me forgot her heart rate monitor strap which pissed me off, but what can I do. Looking at past rides with heart rate monitor, I see that I maybe burn between 280 and 300 calories in an hour of riding so this would mean about 1,800 calories for this type of exercise. Unfortunately, if you are out and about, you can’t ride for 6 hours and have an 1,800 calorie meal afterwards because you’d never make it through the whole ride. I tend to not eat enough during the ride because in most cases you can only have Clif bars or come caloric drink — and we all know, that we should never drink our calories (or at least make it worth my while and have a cocktail). That is so engraved in my brain, that I am using Crystal Lite in my bottle which usually means that my energy level crashes hard and early.

So I take Clif bars, maybe some trail mix and some GU gels. At the same time, I hate wasting calories so I try to eat as little as possible. It is a stupid spiral, and I would probably be able to ride harder, work my metabolism harder, if I ate more. People from the bike club – first and foremost the road race team captain – has been calling me out on this not knowing my background and my story. I know he means well, tries to help me find better nutrition to increase performance but most of those things don’t apply to me. Anyway, between this and running (which I still don’t enjoy), I am often either over eating or under eating or eating the wrong stuff.

Now about the second part of the subject of this post. How much weight to lose? Well, whenever we go on rides, I am complaining at every single hill. My favorite saying is “The bigger the ass, the harder the hill”. I got one good answer back, “The bigger the hill, the small the ass will be soon”. Other than that, most cyclists are rail thin and tiny, so they don’t really know the difference. I usually tell them to strap a 30 pound backpack on and try again. So, one evening I was complaining and saying that I should lose some more weight and one guy looked at me and said “Why? So you can ride up the hills better?” I almost fell over. I don’t think ever in my whole life (after the age of 14 or so) has anyone ever asked WHY I want to lose weight.  Usually, it was just blatantly obvious to everyone that I should lose weight simply because I looked overweight. Now this guy asks me why I want to lose weight — please note that they see me in snug shirts, tight little spandex pants and sometimes have their eyes on “ass level” about 3-4 feet away. I guess that was one of my biggest NSV so far :-)

Anyway, next Sunday I’ll have my first road event – Fisk Knob – a 17 mile time trial starting from the highest point of Kent County


  1. For me, that number on the scale counts the moment I see it. :) Your long bike ride astounds me – I just can’t even imagine doing this. So proud of you! It is an interesting question of how much more to lose – and isn’t it amazing to be in the realm of “discretionary weight loss”? I want to lose more, too, but also I’m down to where people aren’t looking at me thinking, “She needs to lose weight.” So cool.

    It seems like you are exercising so much – I have absolutely no advice about caloric intake or otherwise based on this. It’s just too far outside my area of expertise! I will certainly say don’t deprive yourself of calories on a long ride, there must be a reason all these pros are getting their calories in!

    Keep up the awesome work. You are wonderful.

  2. Hey there…saw this a while back, but never had time to respond. Not that I have much more in the way to offer than Julie did. lol

    I think if I were you I might try to find a nutritionist who specializes in WLS and Fitness nutriton. Cuz that is what I think you need. You can’t eat so little when you are burning so much, but you can’t eat like an endurance athlete either due to being physically altered through surgery. Tricky stuff indeed. My surgeon has a few in-house NUTS, so I always have a resource to go to in regards to nutrition. Good luck!

  3. Keep up the hard work! One thing I’ve found to be extremely helpful and useful as a supplement to my current diet/exercise plan is Fullbar (www.fullbar.com). Their products (Fullbar shakes) have helped me lose weight and learn how to maintain that weight-loss.

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