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On the Road Again


So, after my trail experience on Saturday, I went on a casual group ride Sunday. – maybe 8 people, all road bikes.

The weather in Michigan has decided to do a 180° turn and went from shit to sunshine in no time and I am so happy. While I was in shorts yesterday, I decided to get all out and do short sleeves. My road bike (which I named Brownie) was so happy, it had felt a little neglected since I started training for Barry-Roubaix. It was absolutely beautiful — and I realized why I am a roadie and not a dirtbag. Riding a road bike is so quiet, the slick skinny tires basically make no noise at all versus the constant whirling sound of the knobbie mountain bike tires. In most cases I can go faster even if it is just downhill. Sunday’s top speed was 35.7 mph (57.5 kmh) with an average of 14.9 mph (24 kmh) and this was on a route with little elevation. I knocked out about 33 miles, and I could feel them – especially after Saturday with a 4.5 mile run and a 26 mile ride.

Anyway, while I am usually not to fearful, mountain biking is just more dangerous and you are much more prone to breaking something. Hey, I am 42 – osteoporosis is knocking at my door any day now and I don’t wanna break a hip falling of my bike in the sand.

Specialized S3 Bike HelmetIt also reminded me that when I bought my bike helmet, I bought it under the assumption that I will be riding the recreational trail at a max of 20 mph (which seemed incredibly fast) so my white helmet with baby blue accents is just not appropriate for competitive cycling and road racing. Lucky me, I had received an email that members of the race team (ie. yours truly) can get team helmets (ie. red/white/black) from our sponsoring local bike shop (LBS) for half price. They offered three price levels, I took the middle one and will soon protect my valuable brain with this beautiful Specialized S3 on the right.

Yesterday was running day again, hills – ugh. That came out to around 4 miles, good enough. I wish we’d go farther, and while I prefer hills over speed work, I would prefer to just run. Yes, I know those serve a purpose to get you stronger, but blargh. The good thing was, since I officially declared it summer, I was running in shorts and a t-shirt which always makes running so much more pleasant.

For today, the weather is amazing again. They project a high of 77°F (25°C)!!! That’s right – Michigan in mid March! I went into work a little early so I can cut out early and I am planning a nice long ride through the lovely afternoon sun, about 35 miles. I guess I am back to loving Michigan, though I shouldn’t complain because we had the best winter ever!

And for you all, keep moving! It’s good for your body and for your soul.


  1. Wow, Susanne, how amazing are you?? What a fun post to read – you just impress the heck out of me. I can feel your passion and enthusiasm in every word! Great job, girl!

  2. Thanks! And yes I am, haven’t been into anything (healthy, haha) like this for a very long time! I am getting out, meeting people, and while my husband is not joining in he gets a kick out of my enthusiasm and the glow on my face when I come home from a ride.

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