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So, what’s a double track or two track? Well it is a trail or path that is basically the width of a car and has two tracks, one for each wheel side. Worse than gravel or dirt road, better than single track – but a possible whole big mess :-)

Yesterday, we went out to Yankee Springs State Park. We are Brian, Nancy and Laura (mother and daughter)! I only signed up for the 23 mile loop, but some of my bike buddies signed up for the 36 mile loop. They aren’t fully up to that so we cut out a 26 mile loop out of the 36 miler. Yeah…am I glad I didn’t sign up for that. First of all, there are some hills that are simply not funny anymore. I had to get down to my lowest gear and was barely able to make it. That was one problem.

Much worse is that it includes a few parts that are double track. I had never heard that term so while I knew it was coming, I was lost. Close to the end, I was about to ask where that dreaded track is. Needles to say, one more turn and I didn’t have to ask anymore. The dirt road turned into…sand. My brain is screaming “You can’t ride a bike through the sand” but people in front of me were doing it. Oh well, how bad can it be?

Well, it actually wasn’t all that bad, but at one point I had to get up because I couldn’t move. Laura, who was waiting at the end of the sand portion looked at me and told me to try again, but to sit back on my seat to put more weight down, and to go up one gear because my wheel was spinning out. Nancy just started to push it up, and I am standing there weighing my options. So I did what she said and I actually made it though the rest of the sand.

Next up, mud. See, these are the trails where you have huge holes. They look like a car got stuck and started spinning wheels digging big holes…and now I had to get around those hole. They were filled with water and mud, some of them seem to span the whole path so I had to find the place that looked like it didn’t drown me.

And then it went up the hill again, and you know if you go up a steep hill, you have to go down again. And down it went. Down through sand, mud, slush and big holes. I had to muster up everything I had, and I went down. This is probably the scariest thing I have done since I am a grown up. I would estimate we went around 15-18 mph flying down a hill that I wouldn’t even want to WALK down. My heart was racing and pumping out of my chest. All I thought was “don’t crash, don’t crash, don’t crash”. And I didn’t, I made it.Dirty Mountain Bike Shoes

This was the ride of my life, 26 miles through dirt with minimal connecting paved roads and loads of hills (1,965 ft climb). Dirty and happy!

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  1. WOW, that must be such an amazing feeling! I have never heard the term either, but I’m not big into cycling. I would have thought just like you…RIDE on SAND??? Glad you conquered!!!

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