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The title says it all, last week has been all about that again!

Monday: The weather was beautiful! It was in the low 40s, and I lucked out because I had to pick up my sun glasses from the eye doctor. I didn’t get them at a “mall optometrist” so my place is only open until 5pm which means I had to get out of work early….Awwww. And they were superfast, so I was out at 4.10pm, raced home, threw on my bike clothes and met my bike buddy Randy at 4.30pm at the trail. We took off for a wonderful 32 mile ride and since I was ride captain (of the group of two), we took my route. I like this one because it’s up the hill and usually into the wind on the way out which makes it much easier to get home.

Tuesday: It’s run training again at 6pm. We met at the Southeast YMCA in Ada and did a little bit of hill work. It was a short run, 1 mile out, up and down the hills a few times and 1 mile back. It only comes down to 3 miles and about 40 minutes of running, but at least I am not slacking.

Wednesday: My bike club has a scheduled ride on Wednesday nights – since it goes from Challenger Elementary School in Kentwood, it is usually referred to as Challenger and in the fall/winter it is called FOBID (Fools on Bikes in the Dark) – in the winter it’s a little iffy because you never know what the weather is like. You definitely need lights, good lights and those little $40  kits with a head and a tail light do absolutely nothing for you if you are riding down a country road without streetlights at 20 mph. The first time I nearly rode into a deer carcass. Anyway, last Wednesday it was nice enough to go – bike rack on my beetle, bike on the rack and off I go.
Since everyone else is just a bunch of pussies, it was just me and my bike buddy Mike. I asked him to not go too hard because I was already starting to feel fatigued after the weekend and the workout the previous days. As we rode along, I was constantly behind and had to work hard to keep up. At one point, we stopped at a light and I was about to apologize for my lack when I realized that we were riding at a 16.2 mph AVERAGE. Really, I don’t need to apologize for that…actually, he should apologize to me because for me, that is riding hard :-)
Since they had projected rain at around 8pm we cut it shorter and only did 18 miles, but still not bad.

Saturday: And Saturday was running again. We did an easy 3.5 mile run. I hope we are picking that up soon in distance because I have been running this distance for a while now. It was pretty hard this time though because it had been snowing again. Seems like they weren’t too eager to clean up the side walks, so for the most part we were running through the snow. That means you really have to control your step, run a little slower and make sure you don’t hit the puddles. I am lucky though, last year my favorite sport’s shop Gazelle had a tent sale and I bought myself a pair of trail running shoes on super sale – the La Sportive Crosslite (link goes to newer model). I bought those less for trail running but more for bad weather running. They are actually fairly waterproof and surprisingly comfortable.

Since we are still under a solid snow cover, there won’t be a ride today, but I will be running Tuesday. Saturday, I may have a really exciting ride – one bike club member invited people out to Edmore, his place way out in the boondocks (population: 1,244) for a gravel ride. Since I signed up for Barry-Roubaix (btw, event is sold out with 1,500 rider), I still need to get a  lot more gravel/off-road in my the end of next month so I’ll try and get to that event. It seems frivolous to me to drive 70 miles each way to go for a bike ride but I believe I may be able to carpool with someone else, which makes it a little more bearable.

It’ll most likely be a sausage fest — I am looking forward to warmer temperatures hoping that all the female cyclists will crawl out of their winter holes and join in on the fun. I have never been one to have that big “us women” bond, and I am actually quiet comfortable in a group of men – most of my friends all through school were guys – but I sometimes feel like the guys are uncomfortable and feel like they can’t be “themselves” with a woman around.

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  1. You are doing so awesome with riding and running, OMG, does your hubby exercise too? I can’t believe you workout so much, and I’m truly in awe of your dedication…riding in the winter and snow…NO THANKS! LOL! You’ll find me inside with a warm cup of coffee or tea. Not out battling the elements on a bike. I love your dedication!!!

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