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Alive and Kicking

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Has it been that long? 3 months? I can hardly believe it!

Let’s start with a quick resume:

  • Weight: unchanged
  • Fitness: stalled
  • Mood: OK (it’s winter in Michigan, in previous years I would have been curled up in a ball crying, so ‘OK’ is a vast improvement)

Now for some more details. I am riding the bike, and I love it. My Dad is living vicariously through me since he had a stroke and largely sponsors my cycling addiction. Since the last update I have been riding every chance I get, which included 2.5 hours in pouring rain, riding in temperatures below freezing, riding in temperatures below freezing in the dark.

I finished the year with 1,089 miles (1,753 kilometer) on my computer which started in July. My max was November with 352 miles, no 0 miles in August though because I was traveling. January had 122 miles, February 75 miles because the weather went bad and has been this year.
I have joined the race team and purchased my road racing license from USA Cycling. I am now officially a CAT4 racer with a UCI number and eligible to participate in races. I signed up for my first races, which are Barry-Roubaix (3/24) and the Fisk Knob Time Trial (4/15). I’ll add a few more official races, not sure which but I am thinking of  Tour de Mont Pleasant (6/8-10), Cherry-Roubaix (8/12-13) and a few time trials like Grattan Race Series.

I signed up for a few tours, Ride Around Kent County or RAKC (5/19 – 150 miles!!!), Bag Balm (5/26-27 – 2 days, 110 miles each day), 100 Grand (6/2, 105 miles, or 141 miles if I can hack it), Apple Cider Century (9/30) and more to come!

One of my biggest adventures will be the National 24hr Challenge (6/16-17) which is a 24 hour race and you go for as long as you can. You have to pass certain check points within a given time or you are out. It starts at 8am. Loop 1 is 121.6 miles and needs to be finished by 6.33pm, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Then Loop 2 is 23.7 miles and needs to done at least once by 9pm. The last is Loop 3 with only 7.5 miles and you’ll go around and around until it’s either 8am on Sunday or you give up. Sounds great, doesn’t it? RAKC, Bag Balm and 100 Grand are usually used to build up the endurance.

As for running, I managed to continue and run at least one event each month. I signed up again for the running group, this time I am opting for the 10k and my training group starts Saturday. I just want to keep this up for cross training, and I will try to keep up with “one event a month”, but I may substitute some running events with cycling.

Chuck is a good sport and supports me furiously but I believe he may change his mind if I am spending all this time on the bike instead of in the hot tub relaxing!
So, that’s it for me…how have you been?

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  1. WOW Susanne! I missed this update. CONGRATS on all your running and bike racing…I’m astouded by the amount of biking that you do. OMG, what an amazing story you have to tell. From fat to fit and not just *fit* but like athlete fit. WOW! So proud of you!! Great new pic, BTW!

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