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One of Those People

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Yesterday, I was one of those people. Remember, when you walked into your surgeon’s office for the first time, and you saw all the big people and in between you saw all the normal or close to normal people?

Well, yesterday was my 1 year surgerversary, I didn’t have an appointment, but I needed to get my blood drawn for my appointment on Friday. So, there I was – a fairly normal sized person among a lot of big people. I was wondering if they were thinking the same – if I was a dream to become true to them soon.

I remember when I walked in there the first time and there was a normal size woman. I looked and at first though “What is she doing here?” and then I realized, she is just post-surgery and has lost a lot of weight. And that could be me, will be me soon!

So, Happy Surgerversary to me – and once I have a little more time, I’ll have some more sucess stories to tell!

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  1. YAY YAY YAY!!! Happy 1 year to you, happy 1 year to you….la la la! Life is sure grand looking and feeling normal isn’t it? Nothing feels to good as NORMAL!!

    Love your post!

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