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That Weird Weightloss of Mine

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I am not sure if it is because I am almost a year down the road from surgery or if I am generally just accepting my own weirdness, but I believe I have come to terms with long stalls. I am not longer fretting the weeks without weightloss because I really have to come to realize that it will happen sooner or later. It always has and it’ll be fine.

Now, just because I am not hysterical about my stalls doesn’t mean that I am not trying to figure out what my dumb body is doing all day long.

If you watch my ticker, you have seen that I just had a nice drop again. Over the last months, here is what happened to my weight:

10/01/2011    185.4
09/30/2011    186.2
09/29/2011    187.4
09/28/2011    188.2
09/06/2011    189.6
09/02/2011    190.0
09/01/2011    190.8
08/31/2011    191.0
08/30/2011    192.0
06/30/2011    192.6

The days without weight means I maintained, went up or didn’t weigh myself. I had a huge plateau right before we went on vacation in August…about 2 months without any weightloss. Then I lose 2.6 pounds in 4 days. The nothing for almost another month, then 4.2 pounds within 4 days.

Now, if I look at my period tracker app, it seems like I lose weight a couple of days after ovulation. I have also noticed that if there is “something” during that time which includes possible bad eating, ie. a wedding weekend, that window closes and no weightloss happens. I’ll look into it a little closer, but for now, this seems like a pattern to me.

I am not sure if this pattern applies to anyone else, but if you too are struggling with weird weightloss, check you calendar and see if this is what happens to you. I’d love to hear if anyone else can confirm!

PS: I am less than 4 pounds away from overweight!!!

One Comment

  1. I can totally confirm!! That is funny that you would notice the same thing. I put on 2-3 pounds right before my period, which goes away with the start of my period. Then right after ovulation is my big weight loss window. If I don’t blow it. :) I’ll either drop several pounds over a few days – or I’ll eat myself into equilibrium and not lose anything.

    Great observation! I love that iPeriod app. I miss it terribly since my iPhone died last month. I’ll be getting it back again soon!

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