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Nervous before every race


I don’t know what it is – I am still nervous before every race. I have been to 6 races now, varying from 5k to 8k and the tri but the day before and the morning, I am always anxious. I have knots in my stomach and I don’t even know why.

So, tomorrow is the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k. It’s right around the corner, I’d say less than 2 miles away from my home. My company was nice enough to start a team and they paid our fees. Something I never really know or considered is that those runs usually cost between $20 and $40 and the tri was over $50 if I recall correctly. Yeah, you get a shirt and yeah, it’s a lot of fun – but I am at a point where I am running the 5k in about 30 minutes (still trying to finish under 30!!!) so that’s kind of a steep price. I understand that there are a lot of things to consider, organizers, payment processing, shirts, advertisement, water, and of course time keeping using D-Tags. but it still seems a little steep. I believe this race would have cost me $30 – I do get a long sleeved t-shirt and I won’t be buying casual t-shirts any time soon since I got several now.

Altogether our group is 38 people strong, which is more than I thought and we will meet at 7.15am, team picture taken at 7.30am and the race starts at 8.30am. So, I’ll be done at around 9am to enjoy the entertainment and hopefully a snack or so. I am trying to hydrate now – drinking water is not my strong suit but I know that before a race you have hydrate well. Not like a 5k is anything big by all means, but I did one run without proper hydration and I basically sucked.

The other problem I have is that I haven’t been running much since I am back from vacation. I had a couple of longer bike rides (23 and 18 miles), but the bike uses very different muscles from running. I do know that I am fit and that I shouldn’t have a problem running the 5k, but somehow I am expecting a sub-30 time from myself, and I am worried that I will be disappointed if I can’t deliver. And no, just participating or “Dabei sein ist alles” doesn’t work for me and never did. I like to take pride in my accomplishments :-)

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