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Family Time…on the Bike


We had a family get-together on Saturday. My family likes to celebrate combined birthdays so this Saturday it was a foursome – me, my husband, my nephew and another nephew’s fiancee.

Since I had been complaining on Facebook about the lame Wednesday bike ride, my niece had teased me about a faster ride, and I picked up that idea and suggested a bike ride before the family birthday party. So we met at 3pm at the “party house” and took off from there. It was just 5 of us, basically me and nieces and nephews. My sister in law and her husband wanted to go too, but they didn’t want to ride to the path so they drove there and we basically only saw them for a short time, once on our way out where we stopped to chant and then on the way back in close to their parking spot.

Family Bike Ride

Now, this was quite the ride. My niece and her husband are the ones who went with my for my first run and they are both in a bike group owning an actual jersey with ads and matching shorts, caps and he even has the socks! My one nephew is a lanky 6’5″ kid in his early twenties, also a bike dude with the full get up. Then there was me, and I have at least my little bike shorts onesie but no jersey and no clickety-clack bike shoes. Thank God my other nephew had to take his Dad’s mountain bike and while he is active, he isn’t as fit as the other 3 – I would have been dead last without him but this way we shared the pain.

We went for 90 minutes and rode close to 23 miles. I was pretty wiped – it definitely is a difference if you go out with a mixed group including people in their 50s or if you go out with a group of bike pros where the oldest is 33. I took a dip in the pool afterwards just because I didn’t want to be sweaty and hot all evening long and while it is too cool for the pool in Michigan now, it was really great and I am sure it helped me sooth my muscles!

And of course, I had burned a lot of calories so I was able to eat some nice party food!

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