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Me and my vertical sleeve


Back from Vacation


I am still alive and well, no worries. I have received a couple of messages and it touched me that people were missing me a little.

I have been a little more busy at work, but also my running and exercise picked up through the summer – and so have my other outdoor activities (cold hot tub and cocktail, anyone?). And last but not least, I spent a couple of weeks in Europe, Germany and the Czech Republic. As you may remember, my I am from Germany and my family and friends still live there, so we went to see them and travel a little. I have received rave reviews in Germany, and people were amazed at how I looked and at my athletic successes! Everyone was positive — in all honesty, I have yet to hear anyone say anything negative about surgery or even pick up a bad vibe from people. I still don’t tell everyone but I also don’t keep it a secret either.

But beside being busy, there is one more reason why I have been a little more quiet. This is a blog about Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy – but in the last few months I really haven’t had much going on that was VSG specific. My life seems to be just going normal and not to different from anyone else who is watching their food a little (which is what most people do) and who are trying to exercise a little (which is also what most people do). I felt I kept boring people with my running and biking and people didn’t come to read about these things but more about post-VSG life.

As for weightloss, I had stalled for an amazing 2 months right before vacation during which I actually went more up than down. At the same time, I didn’t care. I really did not care and I was happy I had reached the point where I thought that I am doing the right thing and that I will continue to lose weight as soon as my body is ready. We returned from Europe on 8/29 (we left 8/14) and returning I had lost 0.6 pounds. This is after 2 weeks (and the end of a stall that had started on 6/30) of more or less not caring much for what I ate – usually being under on protein, over on carbs and of course enjoy the company of friends with wine and beer – but at the same time walking a lot just to get to places. Since then, I have lost another 2.5 pounds and I am now less than 10 pounds away from being overweight (and no longer obese).

So, don’t give up on me and my blog – I do believe come winter in Michigan, I will spend a little more of my spare time at my computer and write a little more so don’t just unsubscribe, ok now?


  1. Hello and welcome back from vacation! Welcome back to the world of blogging too, I definitely missed your posts! I just noticed that we have exactly the same BMI…and I’m about 11lbs away from crossing into the land of overweight vs. obese! YAY! I am also chuckling because I stalled out completely this summer as well. My 8 and 9 month post-op, were complete stalls. Crazy. It started to mess with my mind a little bit, but then I finally lost a few pounds and of course am stuck again, but at least I got SOME movement downward. We just keep plugging away don’t we? Glad you are back, look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Welcome back! I’m glad you enjoyed your summer, and I’m looking forward to seeing some more posts from you. My own blog strays pretty far from the VSG-realm – I’m fine with that! It’s “my story” not “VSG’s story.” :) I’m delighted to read “your story,” too!

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