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At the Dentist (NSV)


So, I had my semi-annual appointment at the dentist for cleaning and the like. I really like my dental hygienist. I am not a flosser, and we enjoy the little game we have of “So, are you flossing?” – “Nnnnno” – “Well, you should” – “Yeah, I know”….and then we both are. I also keep telling her that I am making sure I have a little tartar build-up so I can spend more quality time with her. She is just the sweetest woman, and I love to make her laugh. I am pretty sure she has to deal with a lot of people all day long who hate to be there and are grumpy so I like to make her laugh. The pleasant side effect is that I usually get the biggest goody bag afterwards — Chuck just asked me in the evening if they just dump their drawers into a bag for me cause I get so much swag. I have 3 toothpaste samples, 1 toothbrush, 2 packs of Oral-B floss, 1 small bottle of the new Listerine Total Care, 5+ flossers for kids and a Biotene sampler pack (mouthwash, toothpaste and some other stuff). Anyway, I digress. Just wanted to establish that my hygienist and I have a friendly relationship.

So, I climb into the chair and she’s looking at me. She has that look on her face and then says “Something’s different about you. What changed? New glasses?”. I told her that I had lost 68 pounds, and she was floored. She’s a skinny one, so I probably lost half her body weight or so. Anyway, she said how great that is and how awesome I look and then she asked how I did it. I told her I had surgery and she asked if everything went alright and I said “Yes”, and she went back to how awesome I look and that it looks like it was a great decision I made etc.

I don’t believe that surgery should be a secret. I know, a lot of people consider it a medical procedure which in general is of private nature. That is of course true, but I think if we treat it like a shameful secret, how can we expect everyone else to consider it a medical necessity that was NOT just optional and lazy? Only if we stand up for ourselves can we expect society to not think it is the easy way out. I think we have to educate people. I like to compare it to “coming out of the closet”, the more people stand up for it and say “I am one of them”, the more accepted it will become. Only when celebrities fess up to it (Yeah Al Roker, Randy Jackson, John Popper etc. — boo Star Jones for trying to keep it a secret and boo Aretha Franklin, don’t tell me you didn’t), will people consider it OK.

Now, I am aware that weight loss surgery and being gay is not the same at all, but I think you’ll get my thought process behind it.

Now the bad part – I need two crowns which will be a pain in the a$$ and in the mouth and in the wallet ($860 out of pocket).


  1. Well, I am one that does NOT think that everyone in the world has the right to my private medical information. Just because I had WLS doesn’t mean I’m going to walk around ‘advertising’ it. That does NOT mean that I’m ashamed about having surgery or that I plan on lying about it. I am just not comfortable shouting it from the rooftops just yet. I get what you are saying about the secrecy making it worse and telling about it being positive, I’m just not sure that everyone who says to me “wow you are looking great” deserves to know exactly how I did it. For someone who is a good friend and is asking, I am more forthcoming.

    As for the dentist, well, I consider a dentist on the same level as any one of my other drs. (surgeon, PCP, OB) and so I did tell mine about my surgery so they can keep track of me in a medical capacity. Oh and I love my dentist too, she is awesome! LOL@ your swag bag!

    Oh one last thing, I nominated you for a blogging award, hop over to my blog and check it out!

    • I understand you, and as usual, I was probably a little too harsh. I guess if someone is a private person in general, it is perfectly normal to keep this private too. I am not, and I probably share more personal stuff about me, my home life, my cats and my family than others do.
      I am not saying anyone should print t-shirts with “I <3 WLS", but if asked about my weight loss, I'll freely explain how I did it (if it was more than just a question in passing).
      Thanks for nominating me…I'm on my way to check you out!

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