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The Race is Done

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Saturday was the big day. I had been training now for 10 weeks to run the 5k at the 5/3 River Bank Run and it was simply amazing. The whole experience, I don’t even know where to start. I am a total running event virgin so I was starting to get nervous. I was worried I’d be late, that I don’t know where to go, that I can’t keep up or make it and a gazillion other things that could have gone wrong. In the end, nothing went wrong, everything went right and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Some things that happened:

  • Rain! We were starting with the 7am men’s heat and it was just pouring. Even before I ran a single step, I was already soaked. Good thing that those moisture wicking tech shirts don’t cling and stick like cotton. I started to run and at first tried to avoid puddles but I quickly realized that my shoes will be soaked even if I am able to avoid all puddles. I just ran, and in the end I think the cooler temperatures really worked for me.
  • Ring! So, I am lined up with my 2 running gals Joelle and Jill, when Jill bends down, picks something off the floor and says “Is this your’s?” I looked at what she was holding and guess what? My wedding band had just fallen off my finger. I hadn’t even noticed or felt it. If it wasn’t for Jill, I would not have a wedding band and I would not even know where I had lost it! I was worried for a while now because they were getting loose but never had they been loose enough to just fall off my finger. OK, so I was wet and coldish, but still. I am mortified to think that my ring would have been just gone.
  • Run! We ran the complete race, no walking…just running for the whole 3.1 miles. I was in unbelievable shape, I have no idea where it came from. I know part is the adrenaline of attending an event like this with 21,000 other runners and another 20-30,000 spectators, volunteers, organizers etc. I also had been very good the whole week before. I had been eating well, and I stayed away from all my vices but one beer on the last training day. I was actually able to pick up the pace on the home stretch and give it my all. Chuck was waiting close to the finish line. He had planned it all out, trying to catch me approaching from around the corner and then filming me run in. Well, he said I was much faster than he expected so he barely caught me approaching but he got me running in and doing a little jump across the finish line!
  • Record! I ran the whole thing in record time finishing in 33:18 minutes with a 10:45 minute mile pace. I placed 127 out of 290 and while I am usually not satisfied being just above average, I am very happy with this result because it was my first race and my body is still quite a bit below average for a runner!
  • Reward! I rewarded myself after the run with taking the weekend off any food, drink and exercise restriction. I ate junk, I drank a few cocktails, I was laying around all Sunday basking in my glory! On Saturday night, I met up with my running girls for dinner and drinks and it was great. I was still really pumped up and way in overdrive – more than I like myself to be, so I left around 9pm to go home. I like to entertain, but sometimes I just cannot stop talking and joking and I am usually worried I am getting on everyone’s nerves so if I am in the mode, I better go home. It would have been fun to stay a little longer, but I think it was the best for everyone :-)

Here is the video Chuck took of me – I love it, I love him! He is the best cheerleader in the world, hollering my name, and I am glad he did because I wouldn’t have seen him otherwise. I particularly like what he says at the end, because he doesn’t say it for the camera or anyone, he just says it to himself :-)
Also note, the little hop I am doing crossing the finish line, LOL.

Here are a couple of pictures. Not too many were OK, and even the one on the right is silly because my glasses were foggy and wet from the rain and my face being hot.

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    1. For running your first 5K.
    2. For finishing so well.
    3. For doing it all in the rain.

    I loved your hubby’s comment at the end too. He must be so proud of you. Great job lady!

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