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Me and my vertical sleeve

After the Race


Now, since the race I trained for is done, I really have to find a way to stay with it. I cannot let this slide, and I really want to expand on the level of fitness I have come to. Right now, this is what I have to stick to right now. Losing weight is a tedious process for me even with surgery and the slow progress makes me a little unhappy at times. On the other hand, my physical fitness is doing great. I started the running group on March 21st and in about 8 weeks, I have come from running a couple of minutes at 4mph on the treadmill to running a full 5k in 33:18 minutes. Unfortunately, I believe this is like a diet and you have to stay with it. How to do that?

First up, I have decided that I have to work toward a new goal, and that will be a 10k. I finished my 5k in 33 minutes, great! I usually work out 40 to 60 minutes and while I am logging more miles in 33 minutes than I usually did in my 40 to 60, I need more workout and training for a 10k seems to fit the bill.

Now, this is where it is getting a little bit complicated…I have to work out, but I want my husband to workout too. I know, I am turning into the dreaded partner – just because I found a new passion shouldn’t mean that he has to follow my example. On the other hand, Chuck knows he needs to work out. He has been slowly but surly gaining a little weight. Part of the problem is that we are often still cooking for two, but I only eat half a portion so he eats 1.5 portions – but the other problem is that he has not been working out at all. Life has been very “Susanne-centric” since my surgery.

My idea now was to get Chuck started on the running schedule I had just gone through. It worked amazing for me, so I think it should work just as well for Chuck, possibly a little easier. He has not been on the treadmill as much recently, but after all he is a guy. His first week was my last group week which ended with the race, and he did go out and follow the schedule and cross trained one night on the recumbent bike in the basement. My wonderful little soldier!

This week was different because now I am running with him! Monday started with 4 minutes running, 2 minutes walking – he did it and he did great. He was huffing and puffing because it was after a long day at work and it was quite warm outside but he was pulling through it like a champ. I am so incredibly proud of him because I can recall very well just how hard it was for me the first weeks. And it is good for me, because I have to admit he looks really hot in his black ninja running clothes!

But the best is still to come – I am so fit now, that I actually ran 2 miles in 22 minutes on my own before I picked him up, and then we ran 1.75 miles in 25 minutes together! This will be amazing for me if I can keep it up like that. I am getting in my fast run, and a slower run with Chuck – and as we progress I will be up to running 5 miles in our combined workout PLUS spending quality time outdoors together!

So, while the scale is still trying to drive me crazy, other things post-surgery just fall into place and I am just hoping that the scale will sooner or later follow suit!

For anyone who is interested, here is the schedule we are running. I know there is the “Couch to 5k” (C25K) program that seems to work for a lot of people, but you can try this – it worked amazingly for me: running schedule


  1. Amazing! The domino-effect of all the positive benefits of the WLS is just incredible. What a bunch of positive changes you are making as a family! I love it!

    • Thanks! In case you are interested, I posted by running schedule – with all the stairs you are running, you are probably more than ready for pounding the pavement. All other problems can be solved with a good running bra by “Moving Comfort” (I recommend Maja) :-)

  2. I love the realization that the past 6+ months have been Susanne-centric… (great term, BTW) as I do believe this type of surgery has that affect on our families and loved-ones. That is great that the two of you can support each other and that you are getting your hubby up and going. I was SO thrilled when my hubby wanted surgery too, ripple effect from my desire to change my life.

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