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Me and my vertical sleeve

Half Time is Finally Here


Finally, it’s half time! This has been dragging out for a while now, but today, my ticker says “59 lb lost. 59 lb to go.” I feel like I am much further than half time, maybe because my goal weight is so much lower than I would have ever expected, hoped for, dreamed of without surgery. I still have 24 pounds to go until leaving the obesity weight range, even though I don’t feel obese anymore.

Gazelle, my running store has 15% of Nike products. First of all, thank you Nike for actually starting to carry Plus sizes. It was about time that someone made those items available to the bigger girls. I am down to only needing a 1x, and probably not for very much longer, but in some things, the 1x just feels right.  I bought myself the “Nike Dedication Long Vent Women’s Sports Top” (wow, someone went all out when naming this) and I am loving it. I wasn’t sure, I am still showing a belly with it, but my husband said it’s not bad and I am sure he would let me embarrass myself. It is a nice stretchy but sturdy fabric that keeps the bouncy skin together and covers up the cottage cheese. The most fascinating thing though was that the bra area actually “does something”. I am not saying I should leave the house without a bra underneath it, but for a top like this, the bra has “holding power” unseen on any other item of this kind.

I took it for a 3 mile test run on the treadmill last night and I am LOVING it. It was probably too much money for an item that I won’t be wearing for too long, but with a little luck I am getting good wear out of it and it was nice to be able to buy that. It was comfy, it made me feel fast and it secured everything in place! It’s still a little cold to wear it outside but in Michigan, that can change by tomorrow…or even this afternoon!

Tomorrow, I am up for a great adventure. My surgeon’s office not only does weight loss surgery, but they also do medical supervised diet programs which includes eating and exercise plans. The people on the surgical program also have to meet with the exercise guy Andy every appointment, and he makes sure we are moving our a$$es. Anyway, I had told him a while back that I was planning on doing the River Bank Run and he was very happy about that. A while back he checked in on me and asked if I really signed up and if yes, if I was interested in doing a test run. So, tomorrow at 8am, I will join him and other patients from Grand Health Partners to test run the actual race course. I asked him if it is OK to invite other people and he said “The more, the merrier” – and it looks like two of my running buddies will join. Only one of them knows of my surgery, but the other one doesn’t know simply because I never had the time to tell her. I am not trying to keep it a secret, but I am also not printing tshirts. Anyway, I am really excited to run the actual course and I am hoping the weather stays nice so it will be an enjoyable event.


  1. Congrats on being halfway! That has got to feel sooooo good! I am really impressed with all your running, and commitment to it. I’m 3.5 pounds off my halfway point, very excited about it, too!

  2. Congratulations Susanne!!! I am thisclose behind you on the halfway deal. I’m excited for the next half because really at this point things are getting fun. Shopping for normal sizes, not huffing and puffing up 5 flights of stairs (well, if you are FreeJulie and running the stairs at lunch you might huff and puff…lol) but you know what I mean.

    Cheers to making the halfway point!!!

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