Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

Looks like I made it!


Look, it says 50! Well, on the scale, it is officially 49.8 pounds, but I consider that margin of error of my scale!

I didn’t exercise yesterday, I had been on the treadmill 7 straight days so I thought it was time to take a break. Instead, I spent the biggest part of the day ironing shirts. I am usually not big on ironing anything, and I usually make sure that I am buying clothes that require minimal to no ironing. Chuck has great shirts, all wrinkle-free from Eddie Bauer and since a while also from CostCo. Kirkland has some wonderful business shirts that are truely iron-free and are available in tall sizes.That’s usually the biggest problem, shirts in general are not long enough for Chuck and the sleeves are usually too short too.

Unfortunately, we bought some brand name shirts (Hilfiger, Calvin Klein etc.) in Chicago on Black Friday last year that are beautiful. I swear, they said they were wrinkle-free but they are so not. Every so often, I have to access my inner Hausfrau and iron shirts – and since we usually wait forever, it was 10 shirts. I don’t really care, I place the ironing board in front of the TV and just watch something. Yesterday, it was an old season of The Amazing Race (Season 13).

We had my favorite for dinner, steak with mushrooms and cheese which was very yummy, even though we used some Kraft shredded cheese which just doesn’t melt as nice. I usually prefer more natural cheeses, like Kerrygold Blarney Castle or Kerrygold Dubliner and I honestly don’t understand why the Kraft didn’t melt even though it was NOT reduced fat. I hate this bullshit cheese here, how can cheese not melt properly? I rather have 1 oz. of delicious, creamy, tasty cheese than 2 oz. of some weird plasticy stringy cheese. BTW, Kerrygold cheese is available at CostCo and it is also this week an Aldi special – probably because of St. Patrik’s Day? If you never tried it, it is the most delicious cheese, not pretentious but just yummy. Dubliner is a medium cheddar with just the right amount of cheesey flavor and Blarney Castle is a mild Gouda-style cheese. Both are around 100 calories for an ounce but they are just so much more satisfying than other cheeses. They melt so nicely and creamy, you’ll never go back to Kraft. Last time I bought them, the expiration date was 9 months out or so. Definitely worth stockpiling cheese in the bottom draw 0f your refrigerator!

Anyway, back to the main subject – despite the steak and cheese extravaganza, I lost some more weight which shows again and again – my weight loss is not directly related to what I eat as long as I stay within a general calorie range!



  1. Hi!

    Congrats! I have lost close to 48 pounds so far, looks like it’s the best decision I’ve ever taken, besides the one when I quit my job and started up my own company..

    All the best!
    Indian Sleever

  2. Congratulations on your 50 pound loss! That is so cool! Mmmm, Dubliner cheese…loooovvve it. I don’t think I’ve melted it before, either. Must try! I just like it sliced, or sliced with an apple.

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