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I Rocked the Run


I was so worried about yesterday’s run. It seems like we are progressing fairly fast, on Monday we ran 4 minutes and walked 2 minutes and as I described in yesterday’s post, I don’t feel I did it to well. I actually posted a comment on the training group’s Facebook page and one on the blog, if it is possible to add a trainer to the middle of the pack. Good for me, because they did and we had two people running with us in the middle. I had a coach with me for the first running interval and it was great. She pushed me a little faster than I would have usually run, but without being too pushy. I was also running with Claire again, who had been my running buddy on Monday and I stuck with her for the next 3 intervals. Together, we really made each other go! Funny thing is, she said she would not have made it running all through if it wasn’t for me. At the same time, I feel like I have to show that chunky Susanne can run with everyone else – yeah, some are faster but a lot more are slower and I feel so good. And it is still very different from running on my treadmill, I am not sure why, but I am quite a bit faster.

As for the run, it was amazing. Our route went through quite a bit more elevation for a climb of 50 ft. You can find the whole stats on my Runkeeper Activity History. I am trying to embed the activity into this post, let’s see if this works. I will make sure to log all my runs there from now on, even if I have to do it manually.

Either way, the run was 2.91 miles(and a 5k is 3.1 miles), so I am almost there and I believe I will have a time that I can actually say out loud without feeling like I have to always follow it up with an excuse how I just started running, how I am losing weight, how I have never enjoyed this type of exercise etc. I am not saying that there is ANYTHING wrong with it, it’s just not me. It used to be different, but these days – if I am spending the time and applying myself, I want to have a result I am proud off, not just the merit award for participation. That’s why I graduate my Bachelor’s Degree with Highest Honors, that’s why I had a 4.0 GPA.

Now, if you asked my Mom, she would probably tell a different story of how I was trying to get away with as little as possible and I believe a big topic at the parent/teacher conference was “If she only applied herself”. That’s also why I graduated from my German Gymnasium 4th…4th from the bottom that is. But I know that I definitely did not spend too much time with my books back then.


  1. Great job!! You are doing so well, I am very impressed.

  2. Put me in the “impressed” category!

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