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Getting new glasses (NSV)


Yes, we have another NSV.

I am glad that we are here “among ourselves” because I get the feeling my husband is getting a little bored with those things. A couple of weeks back, I got the friendly reminder from my eye doctor, that it has been 2 years since my last eye exam. With my husband’s new job, we got vision insurance now, so I thought why not. At the same time, my current glasses were getting worse – they felt like they were constantly dirty, but as I learned today, it was just that the anti-reflex coating was rubbing off. I am wearing my glasses 24/7. I can squint my way through the world, but I am very uncomfortable when I am not wearing my glasses. I have very bad astigmatism – very VERY bad. Actually, it is so bad that the ophthalmologist has to get the “special attachment” out of the bottom drawer in order to measure my eyes. In the olden days (or if I was really poor), I would be the kid running around with the Coke bottle glasses (in German, we refer to those as “glass bricks”) but thanks to new technology and materials, we have high index glasses which (for a VERY premium price) can be made much thinner and don’t have that “magnifying glass” effect. Where I got my bad eyes from – no one knows. My Mom never had glasses and my Dad had glasses but for a different reason.

Anyway, since I am basically a bat, I like to (or have to) take my husband with me to tell me which glasses look good on me. He is also the one who has to look at me with my glasses so his opinion matters a lot. Vision insurance required that we get the frames and glasses at a “proper eye doctor”, so places like Sears and CostCo were out. Within an hour, I tried on probably 50 frames, some I picked, some Chuck picked. It is very funny because when I try them on, I can immediately read on Chuck’s face if he likes them or not. If he likes them, he always has a little smile or bigger smile if I hit the jackpot.

While I am trying on frames, I realize that almost none of them are too small. One problem I always had was that frames were too narrow, not fitting over my big face and the arms are squeezing me at the temples. This time, almost all frames were an option and hardly any had to be put aside because they don’t fit. Anyway, after I picked out a frame, I was waiting for them to get fitted and my eye distance to get measured and while I was bored, I snapped a picture of myself. I am at a stage where I can actually take pictures of myself – something I never really did before, because I never looked acceptable (in my eyes).


  1. Very cool NSV! It’s amazing how many facets of ourselves (physically and mentally) are affected by weight loss. Who would have thought that “glasses size” would figure in? But as I was reading your post, I thought back to my own days of trying on glasses, and yep, I remember so many no fitting. (Thank goodness for Lasik, my glasses days are behind me…for now, haha, I do see reading glasses in my future.)

  2. Unfortunately, I can’t get Lasik because my eyes are just THAT bad. I have looked into it before because in the end, if I add up my frames and glasses every two years plus prescription sunglasses, I’ll have my Lasik paid off in 10 year…and then the doctor said the FDA doesn’t approve it for eyes like me.
    Oh well, I look cute with glasses – that’s what I tell myself and that’s what I am sticking with :-)

  3. YAY! I love the NSV’s that we keep finding everywhere. And those DO look cute on you! You are also right about everyone else getting a litted ‘bored’ with all the “guess what NSV I had today?” talk. lol. I have always maintained that we are WAY more interested in our weight loss than anyone else is. Thank goodness we all have each other, right? :-)

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