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5k Training was Awesome


Tired and sweaty after running

So, after the Sunday kick-off meeting, yesterday was the moment of truth – the first training session for the 5k. I decided to wear my ninja outfit, the tight black running pants and the black shirt I got for signing up and I was happy I did. Several other people were wearing the same outfit so we looked like a gang. Also, black tights and a black shirt are sure flattering!

So, the first day was set for 20 min walk/jog, going 1 mile down Lake Drive and then back. 1 trainer took the front and started with a jog, 2 were around in the middle and one was holding up the rear end of the gaggle with the people who walked. I was dead set on staying at the front, I wanted to correct the first impression because without a doubt, when people looked at me, they didn’t mentally put me in the “runner” group but rather the “walker” group.

So, a couple of minutes after we started, there was a group of 4 in the front, then me and two other chicks (one slim, one my size) and then a group with maybe 4 behind us and the rest I couldn’t see. We 15 minutes in, whenever we came to a crossing I was thinking “This is where we turn around” – but we didn’t. I was panting, I had stitches in my side and my legs were getting tired, but I knew I had to at least make it one way all running. Finally, we reached the mile marker and turned around. I knew I had to walk for at least a minute, so I signaled “my gals” to go ahead. I just walked for a minute or so, because I didn’t want to be left behind. The group of 4 passed me, but no one else. Seems like the majority of the group walked and I was so proud that I was in the group of runners. I expected more people to actually run it, but then, we are there to learn how to run so that will come with the next sessions.

I caught up with one girl again, but the other one was just always a little out of reach. She was about my size and I was bummed out that I couldn’t catch up to her, but then I was with the slim gal, so what! As we approached the starting location, I kinda nudged my gal and said “Let’s finish running” and started up again, and she followed. At that point we were actually passing the walkers, who had turned around half way. I got a couple of “high 5s” from a trainer and other runners.

All in all, it was awesome! I would highly recommend something like this to anyone who is using a treadmill and trying to run a little. I found links to training groups on the web site of the actual race. I believe the 5k groups are usually fairly unfit people, so it is suitable for anyone who wants to walk or run and everyone is very well taken care off. They never gave me a feeling of judging me because I am overweight and I felt they all were very supportive.

We will meet again on Wednesday, and from here on it starts with some run/walk intervals and they said even if you are slow and can’t really run yet, just get into the running motion and they’ll take it from there.


  1. Look how cute you are! Little Running Ninja.

    Great job Susanne!

  2. Very cool! Great job. I have a running phobia because of the boobs and belly bouncing around, although logically I know the way to cure this is to exercise. But I can’t get past what I would look like. I’m working on it. :)

  3. Thank you, thank you very much :-)
    Julie, there are great running bras. I have Maia by Moving Comfort (http://www.movingcomfort.com/product/344592/350011/_/Maia) which offers “Encapsulation” and “Compression” – that means the girls are snug as a bug in a rug. They go up to 44DD. Some suggest Spanx for the belly issue, but I feel that with a good bra, that also stays in place much better. I think much of the belly is just set in motion by the boobs, so if the boobs stay put, the belly won’t flap that much.

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