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Me and my vertical sleeve

5k Kick-Off Meeting – CHECK!


Today was the kick-off meeting for the 5/3 River Bank Run. This is a training group from a local running store, Gazelle Sports, which has bi-weekly meets at 5.30pm (5k) and 6.30pm (10k) to prepare for the race on May 14th. The camp costs $59 but I really think I need it because I don’t know how to run outside. I know this sounds stupid, what I mean is that I have no idea how to improve my running or how to pace myself if I am not on the treadmill.

Included with training is a long sleeve Gazelle moisture wicking shirt (size L, not XL, just L), 10% off any purchase in the store, and support on the race day, like a meeting point, a tent with heaters to stay warm, probably a beverage and a pep talk!

I could make use of the 10% discount because I needed a new bra for running. Men, listen away – too much information coming up. My current bra is too big. It may be OK for normal day-to-day tasks, but when I start running, a bra that fits too loose is very bad. I got the same brand and model that I had before, just a cup and a size smaller. I also got a pair of tights. I only have shorts and even if the weather is nice right now, 5.30pm in March in Michigan is no shorts weather. I asked for the cheapest pair of tights for running, and got a nice pair of black tights for $40. Gulp, but they are “compression” so they are holding me together well and I don’t feel awkward in such tight pants. In my little outfit, free long sleeve black t-shirt from Gazelle and my tights, I look like a ninja or burglar :-)

Anyway, I am STOKED and I can’t wait for tomorrow to start training!


  1. YAY sounds like your self-imposed exercise “break” is over…woo hoo!

  2. Yes it is, I started back up on Saturday and it is pretty amazing! I think sometimes a planned break is the way to go vs. just “not exercising” and feeling guilty!

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