Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

This has to stop…or better, it has to start again! (NSV)


So, I haven’t lost any weight since January 22nd, that’s 2 weeks now – even worse, I had put on 1 pound. This has to stop, or better, the stopped weight loss has to get going again. Don’t get me wrong, I know stuff is happening.

“Hello hip bone”, “Hello collar bone”, “Hello cheek bone”

I have found some long lost friends since then and if I wasn’t too lazy, I would get the tape measure out and start measuring for other NSVs!

But either way, 2 weeks is longer than even this rationally thinking girl can stand to not lose weight after weight loss surgery, so please, can we start dropping weight again? I was SO good over the weekend!



  1. Oh, I feel ya. Almost immediately after surgery, I dropped fourteen pounds, then didn’t lose a darn thing (even gained a few pounds) for two weeks after that. You can imagine how conflicted I felt – knowing that this was a common thing, but also being in pain, recovering, etc. and thinking “OMG – what have I done to myself? All this for nothing??” Terrible mind games.

    I am confident your stall will break quickly. And when it does, be sure and write about it, you are a great motivator for me!

  2. Thanks! I haven’t been moping for the last two weeks, but I really had it now. I too had your 3 weeks out stall, and now I had a 3 months out stall. Let’s hope the next one will be a 3 years out stall! Oh well, a girl can dream :-)

  3. I’m right there with ya….STUCK on the scale that is (for about the same amount of time….grrrr!) This too shall pass…

  4. I dealt with it fine the first week. By the end of the second week, I was getting a little antsy. I am slowly going into full blown panic mode. I can’t eat less than 900 calories – hell, I shouldn’t eat less, not with a sleeve, not in general. I can’t work out much more — and I don’t want to, because I am actually believe I am in starvation and not eating enough. I don’t know what to do…

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