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New Jeans (NSV)

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So, I didn’t want to buy any clothes really, at least not until March 11-13 when we are planning a trip to Chicago. I always had a fondness for buying clothes on vacation because every time I wear them I have fond memories of our trip.

I had to change my mind last Friday. On Thursday, we went to see Lewis Black in Kalamazoo, and I was putting on my “before jeans” – a pair of jeans that I had bought many years ago when I was on my way to lose weight. I guess every fat woman has bought clothes that didn’t quite fit yet because she was losing weight and those pants would be something to inspire, a goal to reach. Unfortunately, those never ever really fit me well. I could wear them for a while, but usually that was so far into the diet that it was always the turning point where it went back up again. I wore those when I had Chuck take my “before” picture and they are super duper skin tight, with a very bad camel toe and I could basically wear them for the photo moment and then I had to take them off because I was suffocating.

Well, when I put them on last Thursday, they were not nice – not nice at all. They looked like a potato sack loosely tied around my waste. The legs, which I had always considered tight were now sagging around my thighs and I just didn’t feel nice. I wore them with a belt (almost in the last hole) but I hated them. On Friday, I decided to go and see if I can’t find an inexpensive pair of jeans on sale somewhere that I can wear. I would like to show of the new shape just a little, so I went to Macy’s (15% off Denim Sale) and bought myself a pair of DKNY jeans – size 16 and in the NORMAL section. Somehow, and I don’t know why, but a Plus size 16 is always way bigger than a regular size 16. I had also taken a pair of Calvin Klein jeans with me in 16, and they both fit like a charm! The price check then determined that I would buy the DKNY ($20) instead of the Calvin Klein ($70). There really is no need in spending any more money on a pair of jeans because I know I’ll wear them for a few months. Anything else would be a waste of time.

I am wearing them right now, they are super comfy and I am elated that I can wear a regular pair of jeans! And Chuck said they look great :-)

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  1. What a fun update! I am soooo looking forwarding to buying clothes in the regular section – goodbye to Lane Bryant and Catherine’s! Happy for you on your jeans purchase. :) Be sure to take a picture of you in the baggy jeans to compare with when they were painfully tight.

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