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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Good morning everyone and Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a loved one to appreciate on this fabricated day of love and lovers.

It’s a good day for me, because I finally got to a new low. As I mentioned, I had been stuck since January 22nd, and had actually gained a little back, but this morning – and on a Monday morning of all days – I reached “new low”. Usually, when people say they reached a new low, it’s not necessarily a good thing, but if you had weight loss surgery, a new low is a good thing! We kept busy over the weekend, mornings at the vet with Dave the cat, trying to get my car to start again (and it didn’t), cleaning up, picking up, getting a computer ready for sale.I went to Marshall’s and tried on a couple of pants in sizes 16 (fits) and 14 (little snug) just becauseĀ  can. Please note, those are “normal women” 14 and 16 and not “fat chick” 14 and 16. Not sure how they are the same size, but fat chick 14 and 16 are definitely cut a lot more generous than the regular ones, that’s for sure. No need to buy anything at this moment, it would be a waste of money, and I can still wear 2 of my jeans even though they get really baggy. We’ll be going to Chicago on March 11 to the 13th and I promised myself to not buy anything until then! I’d rather make the trip to Chicago extra exciting by buying myself possibly a size 14 pair of jeans!

Staying busy is usually what helps me stay on the good side of food over the weekend. No snacking, no noshing and it paid off. Now it’s back to normal, meatballs for breakfast – and I actually missed them, believe it or not! Then yogurt, some V8 juice, a protein shake and not sure what we’ll have for dinner yet.

Let’s toast to a good week!

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  1. WOO HOO!!!!! 23 days is a LONG fricken time to wait, right? Glad it is broken and send me some magic fairy dust, or something, to break mine will ya?

    Oh, and go back to check my comments on my blog, I responded to everyone who commented…it was lengthy and I didn’t copy and paste over to here…so just go back and read. Thanks!

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