Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

Does it really matter what I eat?


I am starting to seriously doubt it matters what I eat, as long as I stay within certain calorie ranges.

As you may have read here, I have been stalled for 23 days. Within those 23 days, I have tried to increase my workout, reduced my carbs, made extra sure I got in liquids and my vitamins but in the end nothing worked. I could have reduced calories, but I don’t want to. I believe 900 calories (maybe 1200 on the weekend) is low enough as it is – if I would go lower, I would not only be miserable but also believe it would be fairly unhealthy. I work out 6 days a week at least 40 minutes, and I don’t think I have much time for more.

During those 23 days, I have been unfazed the first week, slightly upset the second week, and seriously pissed off the third week. The fourth week I was about to apply for a gun license.

As Sheila of This One Body said, before surgery a stall is where us fatties would have thrown in the towel and abandoned ship – why bother! And you know, it’s not without a reason.  I know I need instant gratification – I am a single child after all. I am learning to deal with delayed gratification as I grow older. But in all honesty, THREE WEEKS without ANY gratification is just a lot to handle. Imagine at work, you are are slaving for 3 weeks and you have no progress to show for. Travel for 3 weeks, exhausting yourself without moving a single step towards your destination. Even if someone would tell you “Keep walking, you may not move ahead at all, but maybe in the future you will be able to move forward again – until then, please keep walking”. Then there are the very well meant comments about losing size and that muscles weight more than fat, but all that doesn’t help if by all means, you are doing everything right – more than right – and are not dropping an ounce.

So, last weekend, I have not been that good. A new casino opened close by and we went there on Friday after work. I had packed a road snack so we didn’t need to eat anything there, but I didn’t get a workout.
I had bought a really nice crusty white bread from the Euro Bakery and my favorite cold cut, Capicola Margherita which is fairly lean. So I had several sandwiches over the weekend but I stayed reasonably within my calories. We made empanadas, and while the filling was lean, it was still wrapped in tasty puff pastry. Lo and behold, Monday morning I had lost weight.

Sure enough, Monday was Valentine’s Day so Chuck and I went to dinner at Sushi Kuni, again no workout but delicious miso soup, sushi, gyoza, beef bulgogi, a glass of wine and once we got home, a small scoop of ice cream. Don’t get me wrong, all the portions are fairly small and within calories — but definitely not low carb, low fat, low sodium etc. And again, this morning I had dropped a whopping 1.6 pounds since yesterday.

Now, had I gone super low carb over the weekend, or had I pushed my workout in super overdrive – I would have now said “Aha, super low carb and more workout is what breaks my stall”. In reality, it is as related as the chicken that clucked in Arkansas or the sack of rice that fell over in China. The stall breaks if it wants to break. It seems like I have no control over it with my food intake or my exercise.

Low carb, high carb, more exercise, less exercise – a stall is a stall and it comes without a reason and it leaves without a reason. This is what I am taking from this, and I hope it will give me peace of mind when the next stall comes around…which is hopefully not too soon.


  1. Hey I might need to borrow said gun, should my stall continue. (Okay I know you were only contemplating getting the gun…lmao!) I am so OVER this stupid stall. AND I went out for Valentine’s Day dinner and low and behold I had some yummy steak, a bit of a chicken quesedilla, 3 bites of mashed potatoes, about 6 green beans and 3 bites each of apple spice cake and 3 bites of ice cream. And my scale did not move today. So I have to agree with your statement.

    “The stall breaks if it wants to break. It seems like I have no control over it with my food intake or my exercise.”

    True words Susanne, true words. I just hope this is over soon, because banging my head against a brick wall really isn’t too fun. :-)

  2. You summed it up precisely-a stall is a stall and it comes without a reason and it leaves without a reason.

    I understand what you mean about the well meaning commenters, but I had Weight Loss Surgery!!! Not inch loss surgery. lol

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