Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

Breakfast again!


Saturday morning, and my sweet little husband slept in – REALLY slept in! He is usually the one who starts the day at 5am, while I usually get an extra hour to sleep in, but not today! I had a girl’s night out yesterday at Applebee’s with Becky and Michelle, and kinda kept him up past 11pm last night. This morning, I got up at 7am, started coffee…and only 3 hours later, I heard a sleepy “Good morning” coming from outside my office!

I have to admit, I enjoyed my quiet morning. I spent the time working on my web site (my side business check out Triptych Web Design) and I feel I am making great progress. It is a lot of work and since I am offering web design services, I feel like everything has to be in ship shape. I just got my degree a year ago, and since I am only doing this part-time, my portfolio is still small – HINT: if you are looking for web design, I can offer you a great price!
Next project will be a custom template for this blog, I am not digging any of the available templates and I think this will be a great learning process, creating a template from scratch.

Anyway, back on topic – once Chuck crawled out of bed, I was famished and started to cook up some breakfast. We had mushrooms, turkey sausages, eggs, cheese and I decided to go with the low carb option and not getting any bread. It was delicious, and for only 191 calories and 16g of protein, it was a real weekend treat.

Next up is a little workout but I believe I will go with the bike. I have created myself a treadmill user program, that start at moderate speed, but then quickly starts to interval between 3 mph and 5 mph and ends up with a 3.6 mph average. I am so happy that I can run for a few minutes at 5 mph – something that I really couldn’t do before. Unfortunately, I have gone a little too hard on this and my hip hurts a little on the right. I hope the recumbent bike will relieve that stress a little because the last thing I want right now is some type of injury!

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