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Me and my vertical sleeve

At the gym…


Our gym is a really nice place. It’s Snap Fitness in Grandville, which is nice, quiet, clean and affordable. The room is a little on the small side, especially since they added another Arc Trainer, but it is still very nice and since it is never that full, the small size of the room doesn’t matter. I snapped a picture last week, it was a  little difficult because I didn’t want anyone in the picture which wasn’t easy. The machines are all very smooth but I did notice that since last year, the seats and other upholstery is showing a little more wear. The place is really clean, actually every time we are there when an employee is there, they vacuum. It’s nice but at the same time annoying because it’s noisy but better this way than a dirty place, right? And since they are opened 24/7, there is no dedicated time to clean the gym, right?

Now, Snap Fitness is pretty much a family friendly gym, lots of people on the cardio equipment, ie. treadmill, bikes and Snap’s version of an elliptical trainer, the Arc Trainer. The free weights and the weight machines are not used that much, good for us because that’s what we go there for. Most people are just regular people, husbands and wives, some singles and of all ages. What we don’t have is the “gym crowd” that I usually associate with a gym. The people who go to the gym to be seen, the people who go to hook up, the people on steroids and other assorted idiots. We do have two, that fall into the latter category:

Weird Dude No. 1: He freaks me out, whenever I see him I want to shake him and tell him he looks like an idiot. I don’t know what kind of emo grunge athlete he tries to emulate, but he was wearing black sneakers, black socks, dark gray shorts, a black tank top (way too short and way too tight) and last but not least (and the most offensive), the black beanie that he pulls down to over his eye brows. If I had to guess, he’s trying to look like Rocky Balboa. This whole get-up is accompanied by a series of huffs and puffs and work-out grunts (though those wouldn’t generally bother me). Unfortunately, the Snap Fitness in Grandville is not really the right scene for this.

Weird Dude No. 2: He is differently weird. First of all, he is usually on the treadmill wearing gray old-style jogging pants and a gray hooded sweat shirt. He seems to try to sweat it all out – I have seen people like that before, who run in a rain coat or super warm clothes to work up an extra amount of sweat. I can possibly understand this if you run outside, but not in a gym on a treadmill. You can see huge dark sweat stains everywhere, maybe he likes that as a sign that he did a good workout? Now, while this is weird already, he worst offense is that he runs too far at the front of the treadmill. He is also so close to the control panel, that his belly basically touches the handles while he runs. The front part of the treadmill deck is not cushioned as well as the middle part – you know, the middle part where you are SUPPOSED to run – so he sounds like a little elephant man running on the treadmill. Unfortunately, that also means that with every other  running step, his foot slaps down on the plastic that covers the front roller of the treadmill. So, while he is running, all you can hear is BANG BANG FLAP BANG BANG FLAP BANG FLAP. It drives me crazy.

Anyway, I love the gym, and I love it the most if weird dude 1 and 2 are not there!

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