Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

“A wafer-thin mint” – or how Monty Python’s Meaning of Life relates to Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy


I will always remember the morbid fascination with this Monty Python sketch – Mr. Creosote:

I wanted to embedd the YouTube player but no matter what I did, the still it showed was just too awful, so I am just linking it – it’s not for the faint of heart…you have been warned.

I saw it first in German and the dubbed language doesn’t take anything away from this disgusting sketch that you simply cannot stop watching even though you are appalled by it at the same time. I remember I was laughing so hard and at the same time felt sick to my stomach.

Anyway, before surgery, this was never that much of an issue. I mean, I could always finish my plate and there was probably always room for a wafer thin mint (or a cookie, or a scoop of ice cream or a brownie). Not so much after surgery though – after surgery, enough is enough is enough.

How much I can eat depends a little bit on the time of day. I feel the restriction of my stomach is greater in the morning than in the evening. You read everywhere that the stomach you have after vertical sleeve gastrectomy doesn’t stretch much if at all, but I do feel that in the morning, my stomach is much tighter than in the evening.

For example, take this morning. I had meatballs for breakfast – like I said, I like my breakfast hearty. I had packed 4 golf ball sized meatballs (baked, not fried) into a container, which comes out to a little less than 4 ounces. I split them in half, and after three and a half meatballs, I am done. There is no way that I can eat the last half little bit of meatball without feeling like it is too much. I should have probably stopped after 3 anyway, but the last half was fine, one more half would be awful. This happens with other things too, for example the last spoonful of chili, the last bite of a sandwich, the last fork of my scrambled egg – nope, no way this will be good.

Thank God I have a very sweet husband who gladly eats the little bits I leave over. It is never much, and I know there are probably a lot of husbands who wouldn’t eat it. I remember my father (I believe it was him) saying “I am not your garbage disposal” somehow considering the little left over to be of lesser quality or something that wasn’t “good enough”  for the other person to eat.

In general though, I am really fine with the amounts I can eat. I mean, it is much much less than before. At Applebee’s, I had two pieces of boneless wings, maybe 6 to 10 fries and two thirds of a slider – but I had a bit of everything, and that’s all I want and need. I love my sleeve.

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