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Me and my vertical sleeve

What will I look like? (NSV)


Since the surgery, I have been quietly wondering what I would look like at goal weight. I really haven’t been a normal weight adult, my weight issues probably started to escalate around 16, so I have never really been a woman in a normal weight range.

Now, even “normal weight” bodies come in all shapes, sizes and forms – some women are top heavy, bottom heavy, dainty or stout, with a boyish or athletic figure. As a kid I was definitely a tom-boy and I believe I have been able to accumulate a good amount of muscle doing sports and running around. In addition, most overweight people who lead a normal life also develop a good amount of muscle, especially in their legs because they are basically carrying around 100 pound weights all day long. Every time I get up from a chair or walk up some stairs, my legs have to work as much as a normal weight person plus carrying two 50 pound dumbbells. I can actually see that on my legs already with a good amount of muscles on my thighs and calves.

Anyway, the reason why I am writing about this now is a different one – basically a small NSV. I was standing in front of the full size mirror in the bathroom, looking at myself in my before jeans that were so tight I couldn’t really sit down in them. Now I have to wear a belt because otherwise they sit so low that I step on the leg cuff. I turned to the side – one view I really like because I can see how my butt isn’t sticking out that much anymore :-)
I turn a little more and look over my shoulder and I realize I have never been able to look at myself like that. I know it is weird, but somehow losing weight has enabled me to twist around more and actually get an over-the-shoulder look at my butt pretty much straight on (please note: I am using the word “butt” because my Mom is reading this – Hallo Mama). In the past, the only way I could look at my rear end was with one of those three part mirrors.

I have to say, I liked what I saw – I think my butt is going to look nice and shapely. It’s not going to be too big, so I won’t be bottom heavy. Actually, I was surprised that my lower half seems to be shrinking at a better rate than the top half. I can still wear a lot of my tops but my “high weight jeans” are really just sacks and even my skinny jeans require belts. It’s not like I can’t see a difference in my tops – I just realized today that my old t-shirts are getting longer – longer because the frame is getting slimmer. I am wondering if this is because my main exercise is the treadmill? At the gym, I can do 200 pounds on the leg press but am maxing out at 20 pounds on the shoulder press.

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