Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

Monday’s back again. Hello Monday.


It was another week of no weight loss. I guess the last 4 pounds by the end of last week came of way too fast, so my body is simply adjusting itself – still, I am expecting HUGE things this week, so my body better does what it is supposed to do.

I have made the start already, usually Monday is the day where I am not exercising, but I want to make sure this week is great so I did get my morning cardio on the treadmill – 40 minutes, 2.1 miles (3.38 kilometer). I have been so good with my exercise the whole January. I have exercised every day but 6 days – and two of those 6 days were January 1st and 2nd, which is technically before I “started”.

We went to Snap Fitness too on Sunday. I love the gym on Sunday morning. It seems like most of Grandville is at church. There was one person on a treadmill, one person on an Arc Trainer (by Cybex, now used on The Biggest Loser) and a weird dude on the free weights. This is always a good thing because no one interferes with our “rotation” of going through the machines. In order to cut down on wiping off the machines, we basically switch around each other so everyone only has to wipe off every other machine.

Unfortunately, the weekend was really carbohydrate-heavy again. We had some nice, flaky cookies and we made a couple of sandwiches with the buns I bought at the health food store, but I am snapping out of it again and am staying low on carbs. Dinner tonight will be some thai inspired curry with chicken and light coconut milk, and I may or may not have a little bit of rice. We absolutely love Lundberg Countrywild, which is a blend of three rice varieties (Long grain brown rice, Wehani®, Black Japonica™). It’s the only brown rice I like – I eat other brown rice because it’s good for me, but this one is actually awesome!

Anyway, new week, new success to come!

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