Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

I’ve been a bad bad girl!


So, I had a bad day yesterday. Nothing I am very proud of, but just for the benefit of full disclosure, I’ll post this one too. I am sharing my victories, so I am sharing my losses too – otherwise it would just be gloating, right? Yesterday started out like a normal day. Checking my log, I had:

  • Breakfast: protein shake with half a banana and Benefiber (230 calories)
  • Morning Snack: a little bit of cheese (60 calories)
  • Lunch: one slice of bread with two slices of chicken breast (110 calories)
  • Afternoon Snack: Fage yogurt (130 calories)

But then during the afternoon, I already started to feel hungry, hungry for something meaty, beefy, robust, spicey. On my way home I was ruminating what I should have, I felt like eating a hamburger or so. I stopped at Family Fare and wondered a little bit. I decided to by 93% lean ground beef and some pulled pork that was on sale. I bought some small wheat slider buns and some other things.

I asked Chuck what he would like and he went with the pulled pork sandwiches. I made 3 little sandwiches for Chuck and I got two servings of the pulled pork into a small bowl (200 calories). I placed the bun on the side, because I was thinking that the bun will be too much and I wanted the pulled pork first to make sure I get my protein. If I have room, I can nibble on the bun, right? Well, I ate the pork and took to bites of the bun and I was done. No problem, I know Chuck’ll gladly eat the bun.

But then it started…we watched a little bit of TV, when I wanted to get a glass from the cupboard and I saw the jar of mixed deluxe nuts. Oh yummy salty munchy snack! Well, I started munching on the nuts, probably 2 servings and I had a hard time stopping. Whoops, 340 calories.

So, just like in “the olden days”, after salty I need sweet. We don’t have sweet. And now it get’s embarrassing. We do have sweet, but not the conventional sweet you may be thinking off. On my way to bed, I actually resorted to taking a tablespoon of maple syrup. And another one. And another one. And another one. Whoops, 200 calories.

One would think I was done now, but I wasn’t. Chuck found something to mucnh too, he was a little smarter about it and took to the “no sugar added” fruit snacks which are like gummy bears but sweetened with natural fruit juice. They come in little pouches, 45 calories each. So, I had 3 pouches of that. Whoops, another 135 calories.

So, from after dinner to bed time I ate almost as many calories as I had the whole day (675 of a total of 1,400). Shame on me. Thank God, it’s over now and I seem to be back to normal. This was the very first time since November, that I was like that, but I am not letting this worry me too much. In the end, 1,400 calories for a whole day and after 40 minutes on the treadmill in the morning isn’t really bad, and nice enough, I still lost 0.8 pounds. I just can’t believe I ate maple syrup!!!!

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