Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

What does NSV mean?


Well, I have read NSV a couple of times now and it took me a while to figure it out. NSV means Non-Scale Victory.

When trying to lose weight, one obvious measure is the scale. Step on it and it will judge you. Weight down – you have been a good boy/girl. Weight up – you have been a bad boy/girl. Weight the same – no idea what the hell that means!

Weight staying the same is basically the same as the “should apply herself more” that my parents always got to hear about me in school. Cause “she” never applied herself pretty much ever. That’s why “she” also graduated third to last in High School. But that was in Germany, and I have the feeling, school was quite a bit harder there. Thank God, I am a really smart cookie, so when I finished college here in the USA, I graduated with a 4.0 GPA (out of 4.0) and with highest honors. But I digress – or I just took the chance to show off a little :-)

Now again, what is a NSV? It can be everything that gives you positive feedback on your weight loss, for example loose fitting clothes, compliments from people, being in better shape when climbing up stairs, being able to buy a smaller size and simply just feeling better overall. Now, I would like to count my NSVs 6 weeks after my surgery.

  • Shoulder pain: the last couple of months before my surgery I started to have some weird pain or numbness in my right shoulder. It wasn’t all the time, it was just when I slumped on the couch. I could manipulate it just like that: sit upright – numbness gone, slouch – numbness back. This has been gone totally now, yeah!
  • Numb fingers in the morning: Another thing I had ongoing over the last months was that I increasingly woke up with my pinky and ring finger slightly numb. It was probably RSI. I guess for both, the problem was access body mass pressing on some nerves and losing the 30 pounds apparently took care of that.
  • Better sleep: I sleep so much better now. I barely wake up during the night, I sleep deeper and wake up more rested. Even under the big plushy down comforter, I usually wake up dry as a bone, no night sweat.
  • Old clothes fit again: I was wearing my “skinny jeans” all of last week, and I was so scared – those hadn’t been washed for a while. If you read this blog, you probably know how a fat chick feels about freshly washed jeans . They ain’t no good. Well, this morning for the company lunch, I took my fresh washed skinny jeans and put them on and they were as good as “worn for 3 days”.
  • Running on treadmill: This is another milestone. I have been working out on the treadmill on and off over the last few years. I worked up to a pretty nice level, where I actually ran a slow 10k on the treadmill (OK, only once), and several 5ks. Running faster than 4mph for more than a couple of minutes was never easy. Well, even after the short time that I am back on the mill, I managed to run 40 minutes with an average of 3.63 mph. This included 2 x 10 minutes at 4 mph and I finished off with 5 minutes at 4.4 mph. I was very happy, and somehow running felt differently. I never ran with this weight this low and I can tell you – I liked the way it felt.


  1. Well you should add one more because *ahem* at least one person told you how good you are looking (even if you don’t want to believe her!). :P

    • :-)
      Yeah, but I feel you were just being nice (same with Chuck). On the other hand, if I tried to wait for someone at work mentioning it, I probably have to wait forever. I am working in an engineering department with basically all men and Chuck said it is way too dangerous for a guy to comment on the chance you are wrong, LOL

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