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Me and my vertical sleeve

The Protein Solution


So, since I am off my supplements I am having a hard time getting my protein in. Before, it was 4 supplements and I was done – 60 g of protein, check!

Now I am on mushy food, and left to my own devices. I can’t eat any meats or fish, so the sources of protein are very limited and I have a hard time getting in the 60 g. It’s always on my mind and starts to annoy me a little bit.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with the nutritionist and we were talking about all kinds of protein, and I asked if I could just have one shake with 60 g of protein in the morning and be done with it – at least for the next month. Apparently it is not a problem. I believe some vitamins are just secreted if taking too much. On the other hand, protein can be absorbed so I can have the 60 g all in one serving and then not worry about it. Everything additional is just gravy and I can take it or leave it.
I had the nutritionist check out my protein of choice, GNC Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and she said it’s good. It is not cheap but for peace of mind for the next month, it is worth it. And of course, keeping my full head of lush, silky hair is worth every penny – apparently, the lack of protein can lead to hair loss. In addition, insufficient protein can also stall the weight loss and I don’t that either.

Anyway, I went out, bought myself a bag of chocolate flavor and cookies and cream flavor and I will see how this goes. I love the chocolate and I had it before. It is like slightly bland chocolate milk. The cookies and cream tastes like vanilla cake which is not my favorite but it is acceptable. Anyway, I love the fact that I don’t have to think about protein for the rest of the day, so all is good!

For dinner, I will have “Mexican food”. I guess I’ll have some refried beans, some grits and maybe a little bit of spicey salsa. For Chuck, we’ll throw in meat of some sort and we’re good to go!

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