Tummy like a Banana

Me and my vertical sleeve

Long time no see


It’s been a while, because I have been really busy at work and at school. Work is still in fast mode because of my two week absence. School is just busy but that’s my own fault. Over the last few years since I am at Davenport, I have been asking for more qualified instructors and guess what? I finally got one. What I forgot to consider is that a more qualified instructor means a lot more work. Oh well, at least out feels like it is worth my time.

Other than that, not much new. I am eating my stuff, good with protein, bad with hydration. I broke the short plateau I had and dropped 3 pounds last week again for a grand total of 23 pounds since 10/25. I know others dropped more, but I am really happy with my progress. Not only do my clothes fit much better, it starts to show too.

And now we are on the road to Chicago and I am super excited and scared at the same time. Three days of restaurant eating and I am still on full liquids and no alcohol. I’ll make it, I am sure.


  1. I had mine on 11/16 and already lost 16 pounds.. Still on clear liquids, i can’t seem to gulp in thick liquids yet.
    I still have some leaks from my belly button incision, is that normal?

    • The weight loss sounds great but I would check with your surgeon about the leak. It can be nothing but I wouldn’t take a chance. I had surgical tape on my incisions for two weeks.
      The clear liquid phase sucks, I am not inpatient myself but at the end of the two weeks I was so happy to move to full liquids. My surgeon keeps me on full liquids for a month, so it will take me another 3 weeks before I can eat soft solids, but full liquids isn’t that bad and includes soups, mashed potatoes and the like.
      God luck and thanks for commenting!

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